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The Villages of LaFayette Park

Located in the heart of Downtown Fayetteville, The Villages of LaFayette Park revisits nearly century-old design in a return to traditional neighborhoods offering the flavor, services and amenities of a small town - including retail shops and offices within the neighborhood and close proximity to the school.

The Villages' 202 residences combine estate, brownstone and cottage styles.  Retail and office spaces are available within, and many include loft apartments over commercial buildings, similar to traditional “Mom and Pop” stores.

The Villages are a gateway to the new downtown Fayetteville ampitheater, and the community itself offers additional amenities.  Families enjoy a nearby school, amenity areas and three town square parks, and at least 20 percent of the site is dedicated to green space with bike lanes added throughout the development.

One-way streets will wrap around both commercial and residential areas, complete with sidewalks and decorative street lighting.  Parking for residences can be accessed in the rear via the alleyways.

“At The Villages of LaFayette Park, the principals and management of The Columns Group worked closely with our city government in creating a community whose historic architecture, green spaces, and town squares beautifully complement our new adjoining Downtown amphitheater.”
Jahnée Prince
Director of Planning & Zoning
City of Fayetteville